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Andrea Nemtin

CEO, Inspirit Foundation

Andrea Nemtin is a creative, committed and passionate senior leader in strategic philanthropy, social finance and social innovation. As CEO and founding president of Inspirit Foundation, she led her team to launch a series of critically needed programs to address inclusion in Canada, including the foundation’s first roadmap towards a 100 per cent impact-investing portfolio. She was one of the founders of the Philanthropic Communities Declaration of Action on Reconciliation, and an adult ally of the 4Rs Youth Movement. Prior to Inspirit, Andrea spent 15 years as the President and CEO at PTV Productions, creating socially impactful, award-winning broadcast and interactive media. She began her career in changemaking running social marketing campaigns at Adbusters Media.

Andrea currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Resource Productivity Recovery Authority, the Centre for Social Innovation, and the newly formed Story Money Impact foundation.