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Author: MaRS Centre for Impact Investing

Blockchain for social impact

By George Kawar In 2008, blockchain technology made its debut to the general public through the launch of its most popular cryptocurrency application to date, Bitcoin. This paved the way for thousands of alternative cryptocurrencies and instigated a market that is forecasted to be worth USD$1 trillion by 2019. While blockchain technology was initially designed […]

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Millennials: The next wave of impact investors

By Ben Rabinovitch Millennials are one of the largest generations in history and will have an estimated $24 trillion of wealth in their possession by 2020. So it’s hardly surprising that their preferences, habits and motivations are scrutinized by the business world. One consistent trend has appeared: millennials place greater emphasis on social and environmental […]

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How fintech fuels impact investing

By Ashley Gardner. Impact Investing has expanded in scale and importance in part due to new financial technologies (fintech). Innovative companies are leveraging new technologies to connect social enterprises with investors and raise awareness about sustainable investing opportunities. Some of the most prevalent features within fintech products include transparency, accessibility and simplicity. Open Impact, an […]

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Investment over aid: Creating sustainable impact in developing countries

By Emma Hogeterp. In 2009, global economist and Zambian author Dambisa Moyo made a bold claim is her book Dead Aid: the $2 trillion of aid that had historically been sent from the Global North to the Global South had actually made conditions worse in developing countries. The solution? Greater foreign investment in businesses and […]

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10 years of impact investing in Canada

By Phoebe Stephens. In 2007, the Rockefeller Foundation first coined the term “impact investing.” That same year, the first Social Finance Forum was held at MaRS. A decade on, it’s time to take stock of how far impact investing has come and where it’s headed in Canada: What are the key milestones? And how is […]

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